We have been raising money for different charities since 2006. Each charity we help raise money for has a special connection with someone in the orchestra which makes each concert that extra bit special and meaningful. If you would like the Charity Symphony Orchestra to raise money for a personal cause, please get in contact and we will see if we can help. 

Charities we've donated to. This list is incomplete as we update the website (March 2023)

Diabetes UK (December 2006)

Cystic Fibrosis Trust (September 2007, November 2008)

Gorlin Syndrome Group (April 2008) £338

Cornwall Air Ambulance (May 2008) £500

Parkinson's Disease Society (January 2009)

Southampton Street Pastors (May 2009) £500 

Simon Says Child bereavement support (August 2009) £550

Kate Stokes Memorial Trust (November 2009) £1000 (before GiftAid)

Muscular Dystrophy (January 2010) £450 (before GiftAid)